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As Eurovision edges steadily closer, we are coming to the end of our annual feature: the Eurovision World Cup 2017. All the songs have battled it out over the past few weeks and this week the remaining 4 songs were competing to be named as the two finalists for 2017. You have been voting all week and we can now reveal the results of the semi finals. 

Review: Portugal- Salvador Sobral ‘Amar pelos dois’


Portugal return to Eurovision following a years’ absence. They have chosen 27 year old heartthrob Salvador Sobral for 2017 who will sing ‘Amar pelos dois’ a song written by his sister Luisa. The song is very different from anything else in the Contest this year mixing the genres of Pop and Jazz, and has quickly become a favourite with bookies, fans and critics.

Review: Albania- Lindita Halimi ‘World’

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Albania have really failed to make any lasting mark on Eurovision. In their 14 year history in the competition, they have failed to qualify for the final on six occasions and have only finished in the top 10 twice. This year unfortunately is no different, as American Idol contestant Lindita fronts their 2017 entry ‘World’.

Review: Belarus- Navi Band ‘Historyja majho žyccia’

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Duos are all the rage at Eurovision 2017, but NAVI BAND are easily my favourite. Arciom and
Ksienija bring their brand of Belorussian folk music to new audiences and their steadfast refusal to sing in any tongue but their own language is admirable, especially this year when they are one of five nations not singing in English out of a field of 43. 

Review: Montenegro- Slavko Kalezic ‘Space’

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In recent times Eurovision has been plagued by a high percentage of boring ballads, that take themselves too seriously, that are dull, that fail to see the Eurovision stage as a large party, to celebrate fun and to thoroughly entertain the world. Slavko Kalezic is in no danger of being accused of any of this. He not only wants to entertain the world but would like to go one further and bring the party to the entire universe!

Review: The Netherlands- O’G3NE ‘Lights and Shadows’

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O’G3NE are a trio of siblings who will represent the Netherlands at Eurovision 2017 with song ‘Lights and Shadows’. They rose to fame representing their country at Junior Eurovision and being the first group ever to win any of the international versions of the Voice when they were crowned winners of the Voice of Holland.

Review: Georgia- Tako Gachechiladze ‘Keep the Faith’

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In Tako Gachechiladze, we have yet another returning artist for 2017. You may recognise the Georgian singer from the controversial banned song from 2009 ‘We Don’t Wanna Put In’. She’ll be going one step further and actually getting to perform on the Eurovision stage on 2017 when she performs ‘Keep The Faith’. 

Review: Finland- Norma John ‘Blackbird’

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Norma John are another of the duos in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. They are made up of pianist Lasse Piirainen and vocalist Leena Tirronen and will sing the song ‘Blackbird’ following their win at Finland’s national selection show UMK in January.

Review: Bulgaria- Kristian Kostov ‘Beautiful Mess’


Bulgaria have returned to Eurovision glory following a decent placing last year by Poli Genova. They will be hoping to build on that this year with Voice of Russia youngster Kristian Kostov and his song ‘Beautiful Mess’. But how does his song stack up? Is it more beautiful than mess?