Review: The Netherlands- O’G3NE ‘Lights and Shadows’

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O’G3NE are a trio of siblings who will represent the Netherlands at Eurovision 2017 with song ‘Lights and Shadows’. They rose to fame representing their country at Junior Eurovision and being the first group ever to win any of the international versions of the Voice when they were crowned winners of the Voice of Holland.

Known for their poppy ballads and flawless harmonies, the sisters Amy, Shelley and Lisa are hoping to capitalise on the recent success of the Dutch at Eurovision. The song truly is a family affair. Sung beautifully by the three sisters is this loving tribute written by the girls’ father to his sick wife, willing her on to find the light in the darkest moments and to carry on to fight. Lyrics that are particularly effective includes the emotional bridge:

‘On a scale of one to ten
You got the biggest score, you’re heaven sent
No one will doubt that you’re an angel
So what went wrong this time?
Hurt nobody, did no crime
What’s with the universe, why you?’

In terms of music the song is a mid-tempo, powerful ballad that uses the three girls’ voices as the main instrument. The song opens unaccompanied by any other instruments in an almost acapella performance. As the song progresses a few understated instruments join the fray by they are very much secondary to the amazing harmonies. It ramps up a gear when the pre-chorus is reached for the first time and it blows you away when we get that emotional bridge.

The video is pared back with the band standing in a wood at night all in black while the lyrics to the song appear on the various trees, hills and leaves behind them. While it is not ground-breaking, it is very effective and helps to build on the emotion of the song, putting the lyrics centre stage and focusing on the impressive vocals.

My Ranking: 13th

My Prediction: 18th in the Final

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