10 Things About…Michael Schulte!

Michael Schulte is Germany’s pick for Eurovision 2018. Find out more about the singer and what he has in store for us in Lisbon with our 10 Things About…Michael Schulte! Continue reading


It’s Michael Schulte for Germany at Eurovision 2018!

German broadcaster NDR hosted their Eurovision final this evening. The nation had six acts to choose from but have opted for Michael Schulte and his song ‘You Let Me Walk Alone’ for Lisbon in 2018! Continue reading

Poll Results: Germany’s National Selection 2018!

German national broadcaster NDR will host their 2018 Eurovision selection show tomorrow night. But before they crown their champ, we reveal the results of our poll! Continue reading

Ranking: Germany’s Songs for 2018!

Eurovision Germany 2016

German broadcaster NDR will host their Eurovision final this evening. Yesterday they finally unveiled the songs! The nation have six acts and before that big decision we listen to and rank and rate the six contenders. Find out which was our favourite below. Continue reading

Germany Reveal Six Acts for National Selection 2018!

Back in October, German broadcaster NDR revealed the new look selection show for Eurovision 2018. It seems however that German tabloid newspaper Bild has some insider info and has thwarted their plans, revealing the six names that will fight it out in the live final in February. Continue reading

Eurovision NI Awards 2017: Worst Lyrics

Lyrics can make or break a song. While it is difficult to know what makes good lyrics, it is really easy to tell when they don’t have the desired effect and come across as insincere, don’t make any sense, are garbled English, or force a rhyme for the sake of it. Here are the worst offenders in 2017 for Worst Lyrics.
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Eurovision NI Awards 2017: Worst Song

As well as honouring the best that Eurovision has given us in 2017, we also like to shame the very bad at the Eurovision NI Awards, to inspire countries to try that extra bit harder next year. Here are the nominees for Worst Song.
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Eurovision 2018 Guide: Artists and Songs

The first of September begins a new Eurovision season and we at Eurovision NI want to keep you updated on all the latest goings on. We’ve created a new table for the 2018 Contest that will let you know which countries will participate, information on the selection process, their artists and their songs. This page will be updated on a regular basis, but this is what we know so far! Continue reading

My Prediction: The Final

Ahead of tonight’s live Eurovision Grand Final, I reveal my predictions for the finishing positions. Some of these have changed in the last few days, so will be different from what I had posted in my reviews. Have a look see and see if you agree with my predictions. Continue reading