Review: Albania- Lindita Halimi ‘World’

Albania have really failed to make any lasting mark on Eurovision. In their 14 year history in the competition, they have failed to qualify for the final on six occasions and have only finished in the top 10 twice. This year unfortunately is no different, as American Idol contestant Lindita fronts their 2017 entry ‘World’.

It would seem Albania are a sucker for a female ballad with the majority of their selections over the years fitting into this category. Based on that you would think that they would have mastered the genre, but instead they have once again served us a lack-lustre, sub-par, wail fest that is a struggle to listen to.

The message of the song is also a garbled mess. The song opens with the line ‘We’re so alike, yet different’. Woah! How deep and inspired and life changing this revelation is to me! How has no one thought to put this lyrical genius in a song before now? (Tone, in case you missed it: sarcastic) It is then followed by:

‘At a loss for words, stuttering
It don’t make sense, what’s happening?
I just don’t understand.’

No, me either!

The slight saving grace of the song is the use of strings. To add a little bit of excitement we get a crescendo of violins towards the end of the song. It’s just a pity that they aren’t used more or that the rest of the song doesn’t live up to this orchestral mastery.

The video is also sub par with Lindita performing on a CGI riverbank in a computer generated floating boat city that looks like it was drawn up by Futurist architect Antonio Sant’Elia. This song is easily my least favourite of the field in 2017, and I don’t think it will do much to impress the Eurovision juries or general public. I think it’s a sure bet that we’ll not be seeing Albania in the final this year either.

My Ranking: 42nd

My Prediction: 18th in Semi Final 1 (Will not progress to the Final)


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