Review: Montenegro- Slavko Kalezic ‘Space’

In recent times Eurovision has been plagued by a high percentage of boring ballads, that take themselves too seriously, that are dull, that fail to see the Eurovision stage as a large party, to celebrate fun and to thoroughly entertain the world. Slavko Kalezic is in no danger of being accused of any of this. He not only wants to entertain the world but would like to go one further and bring the party to the entire universe!

‘Space’ opens with the iconic line ‘Linen is covered with feathers/Wet dreams, wild nightmares I surrender’. Truly bizarre nonsense that we crave at Eurovision. The ridiculousness doesn’t stop here. From the opening line the song pretty much seems to be a dance anthem promoting safe sex in the LGBT community, using imagery of space exploration as a metaphor for this. Take this line from the chorus for instance:

‘I have my suit on, no need to worry
Give me your body, let’s write a story
Our body language
Rocket to the stars.’

In this instance it would seem that Slavko’s suit is a condom, the rocket his penis and I don’t think it is a coincidence that in Slavko’s Montenegrin accent the word ‘Stars’ sounds a little bit like ‘arse’.

Bizarre lyrics aside, Slavko seems to be on to something here. He is unapologetically camp, embracing the true nature of Eurovision, celebrating diversity, promoting tolerance, ignoring all his haters and being himself.  His video sees the singer in a long all encompassing blue skirt, topless with his trademark single braid flowing from his scalp which his whips back and forth as if instructed by Willow Smith.

We envisage a go hard or go home attitude with Slavko, and hope this translates into the staging of his song at Eurovison. We imagine you can expect highly kitsch performance with a galactic backdrop, dance routines, the swinging plait, innuendo, bright colours, sparkles and overall an embracing of all things fun!

My Ranking: 23rd

My Prediction: 12th in Semi Final 1 (Will not progress to Final)


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