Eurovision NI’s World Cup 2020: Group C

Eurovision World Cup, Eurovision World Cup 2020, Poll

Since Sunday you have been voting in Group C of the Eurovision NI World Cup 2020. Competing in this third group was Dadi Freyr and Gagnamagnid for Iceland, Lesley Roy for Ireland, Sandro for Cyprus, Roxen for Romania and Natalia Gordienco for Moldova. Read on for the results!

Eurovision NI’s World Cup 2020: Group C

Eurovision World Cup, Eurovision World Cup 2020, Poll

It’s time to vote in the third group of the Eurovision NI’s World Cup 2020! The countries participating in this group are: Iceland, Ireland, Cyprus, Romania and Moldova. Listen to all the songs below and vote for your favourite in the poll. Only two songs can advance to the next stage.

Eurovision NI’s World Cup 2020: How It Works!

Eurovision World Cup, Eurovision World Cup 2020, Poll

Eurovision has been hailed by many as being the ‘Gay World Cup’. So what if the format for Eurovision was more like the World Cup? The World Cup happens every four years, but we had so much fun with our Eurovision World Cup feature, that it’s become a staple of our Eurovision diary each year. Previous winners have included Nicky Byrne for Ireland (2016), Imri Ziv for Israel (2017), Saara Aalto for Finland (2018) and KEiiNO for Norway (2019). Who will win in 2020? Here’s how it works!

Roxen Will Sing ‘Alcohol You’ at Eurovision 2020!

Eurovision Guide 2020

Romanian broadcaster TVR staged their national final this evening. The artist who they had selected internally, Roxen, performed five songs and in the end up it was ‘Alcohol You’ that was chosen by the public and jury to compete at Eurovision 2020. The full results are below.

Ranking: Romania’s songs for Roxen!

Eurovision Guide 2020

Romanian broadcaster TVR last week revealed the five songs that would compete to be Roxen’s song at Eurovision 2020. We take a look at the songs and rate and rank them. Take a look to see our favourites!

Eurovision 2020 Guide: Artists and Songs

Eurovision Guide, Eurovision Guide 2019

The first of September begins a new Eurovision season and we at Eurovision NI want to keep you updated on all the latest goings on. We’ve created a new table for the 2020 Contest that will let you know which countries will participate, information on the selection process, the artists and their songs. This page will be updated on a regular basis, but this is what we know so far!

Eurovision NI’s Song of 2019: Group Two!

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It’s a new week which means it’s time for a new batch of songs competing to be named the best song of 2019! This week’s list of sixteen songs include hits from previous winners Netta (Israel, 2018) and Conchita (Austria, 2014), as well as new tracks from the likes of Cascada, Guy Sebastian, Hatari, Jedward, Benjamin Ingrosso and Waylon. Check out the full line up below and vote for your five favourites in our poll.

Eurovision 2019 Semi Final 2: Results!


Eurovision 2019 continued with the second of its live Semi Finals tonight. Only ten of the eighteen participants could make it through to Saturday’s final. Find out who made the cut!