Review: Finland- Norma John ‘Blackbird’

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Norma John are another of the duos in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. They are made up of pianist Lasse Piirainen and vocalist Leena Tirronen and will sing the song ‘Blackbird’ following their win at Finland’s national selection show UMK in January.

Written by the band ‘Blackbird’ is a sombre song that muses a past relationship which the singer has been reminded about when a bird sings at her window, a bird that used to sing when she and her ex lay in bed together. The song’s concept reflects my feelings for the song as well, insofar as when I hear it, I want it to stop. Not because it is necessarily an awful song, but because it reminds me of the other songs that were in contention to be chosen for Finland. Take for instance Zulhke’s ‘Perfect Villain’ which had the lyrics ‘What would the X-Men do, if they came to the rescue? Would they lose their powers too, if their kryptonite was you?’ or Gunther and D’Sanz’s song which was essentially about masturbation or even the fun vibe that Club Le Perse offered. All three of these entries were much more interesting that what Norma John have to offer.

Having said that, I feel that Norma John could get a good result at Eurovision. As Leena warbles her way through the song much like the blackbird that she sings of, she gives a dignified, imperturbable and masterful vocal (think a more operatic Lana Del Ray). From rehearsals, their staging seems to be quite simplistic with Leena centre stage (as should be the case) with Lasse accompanying her (pretending to play) on piano.

My Ranking: 27th

My Prediction: 7th in the Final

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