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As Eurovision edges steadily closer, we are coming to the end of our annual feature: the Eurovision World Cup 2017. All the songs have battled it out over the past few weeks and this week the remaining 4 songs were competing to be named as the two finalists for 2017. You have been voting all week and we can now reveal the results of the semi finals. 

The first match up saw Lucie Jones from the United Kingdom triumph over Cyprus’s Hovig. ‘Never Give Up on You’ won the vote with 93% to ‘Gravity’ which received 7%.

Meanwhile the second semi final was a slightly more evenly matched battle with Israel’s Imri Ziv winning over Sweden’s Robin Bengtsson. ‘I Feel Alive’ received 65% while ‘I Can’t Go On’ only got 35%.

Semi Final Results:

SF 1:

Israel– Imri Ziv ‘I Feel Alive’ – 65.38%

Sweden– Robin Bengtsson ‘I Can’t Go On’ – 34.62%

SF 2:

UK– Lucie Jones ‘Never Give Up On You’ – 92.86%

Cyprus– Hovig ‘Gravity’ – 7.14%

Both UK and Israel have advanced to the final of this year’s Eurovision World Cup. You can now vote for your favourite in our final poll with the winner being announced next Sunday.

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