Review: Belarus- Navi Band ‘Historyja majho žyccia’

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Duos are all the rage at Eurovision 2017, but NAVI BAND are easily my favourite. Arciom and
Ksienija bring their brand of Belorussian folk music to new audiences and their steadfast refusal to sing in any tongue but their own language is admirable, especially this year when they are one of five nations not singing in English out of a field of 43. 

With ‘Historyja majho žyccia’, NAVI BAND have demonstrated that it is possible to have a catchy song that transcends the language barrier and which enables non-native speakers to sing along. Accompanied by guitars and keyboards, the song celebrates diversity and has a message of hope, togetherness and working as one. The effective refrain in the chorus will have everyone yelling ‘Heh Heh Hi Yi Yi Yi Oh Oh!’ at the top of their lungs!

The chemistry between the two musicians in the band is also evident. They clearly enjoy each others’ company, have the same goal with their music and compliment each other not only with their musical ability but with their on stage presence. Judging by the Belarus national final, I think we can expect a lot of jumping around the stage and clapping along in time to the music!

The video for the song is a beautiful celebration of the Belorussian countryside, with the duo taking a swift amble through a forest while playing their instruments and yelling in unison in the autumnal foliage. The chemistry between the two is again evident as they walk side by side towards the lake’s edge. The fun factor is ever present as the band almost invite you to chase them to the water, but be sure to bring a coat!

My Ranking: 7th

My Prediction: 16th in the Final

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