Review: Moldova- Cristina Scarlat ‘Wild Soul’

Bonnie Tyler Cristina Scarlat is Moldova's pick for Eurovision 2014

Bonnie Tyler Cristina Scarlat is Moldova’s pick for Eurovision 2014

We at Eurovision2014 Blog have dubbed the Moldovan entry for this year’s Eurovision: ‘The Life Aquatic with Bonnie Tyler’. The video sees Cristina Scarlat, a Bonnie Tyler look and sound-alike, perform her song ‘Wild Soul’ underwater. The video really has everything- from the patter of hooves to acrobatics, underwater clocks ticking incessantly, eerie drums, and a even wind machine.

Cristina’s voice is very powerful and really packs a punch, however I feel like this is not enough to carry the song. While the chorus is okay, the rest of the song is quite mediocre and lacks oomph. In addition to this there is no real hook, no catchy refrain and so it can be cast aside as being instantly forgettable.

The opening of the song sees Ms. Scarlat ask one of life’s deep, meaningful questions: ‘What am I? Am I human?’ Yes dear, yes you are. By the looks of it from your video you may have aspirations to be some kind of fish or mermaid, but yes you are human. Mystery solved. What transpires is 3 minutes and 5 seconds of utter cliche and quite a disappointing offering from Moldova.

But don’t take my word for it, perhaps you’ll find something to shout about when you listen to it:

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