Eurovision Rewind: 1981

Eurovision Rewind

It’s time to plunge into the pop annals of Eurovision history to the year 1981 when Buck’s Fizz were crowned the winners with their iconic de-robing performance of ‘Making Your Mind Up’:


Current Leader of Eurovision Times Poll

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The Eurovision Times

pollPoll – With only a week to go before the first rehearsals begin in Copenhagen, it’s time to take a look at who the ET readers think will win. Voting has been taking place for a month now and over 28,000 votes have been cast! Thanks to everyone who has voted! See who you guys think will win…

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Review: Israel- Mei Finegold ‘Same Heart’

You wouldn't want to mess with Mei!

You wouldn’t want to mess with Mei!

Mei Finegold is one bitch that you wouldn’t want to mess with. She’s fierce, feisty and when she sings the lyric she ‘skinning you up’ boy do you believe that she will if you’re stupid enough to cross her. Her video is aptly located

Review: Germany- Elaiza ‘Is It Right?’

Pink Joffrey Baratheon Elaiza is Germany's pick for 2014

Pink Joffrey Baratheon Elaiza is Germany’s pick for 2014

What do you get when you cross Pink and Game of Thrones’ Joffrey Baratheon, throw in an accordion, a cello and some moany vocals for good measure? You get Elaiza: Germany’s choice for Eurovision 2014.

Her song ‘Is it Right?’ is a boring, one-dimensional piece with annoying vocals that sustain overly-prolonged lyrics and notes for far

Switzerland’s Sebalter least viewed video this week, Moldova least viewed overall.

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Sebalter only manages

Sebalter only manages 4,670 views this week.

Time now to look at the other end of the spectrum and at the videos with the fewest overall views. Moldova’s Cristina Scarlat now has the fewest number of views on Youtube as Latvia rise one place to 36th. Still in the bottom five are Finland and Belgium and they

Conchita Wurst Most Viewed Song on Youtube this Week, Aram MP3 Most Viewed Song Overall.

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Aram MP3 is the most viewed act overall, while Conchita Wurst gained the most views this week.

Aram MP3 is the most viewed act overall, while Conchita Wurst gained the most views this week.

Not much has changed in the world of YouTube for the Eurovision entries with the top 5 remaining the same. Aram MP3 hit two million views this week, a good half a million views ahead of nearest rival Austria’s Conchita Wurst. In terms of climbers Ruth Lorenzo moves