Twitter Battle update: Finland knock out Armenia in Shock Result

Twitter Battle

battleIt’s time for a twitter battle update. A few shock results including the contest’s favourites Armenia getting knocked out. Have a look at the rest of the results below:


Armenia Still Most Viewed Video on YouTube

Top 10

aram mp3


Armenia’s Aram MP3 still tops the chart for most Youtube views. Have a look below at the rest of the top ten and the bottom five.


Top 10 YouTube views overall:

Review: Denmark- Basim ‘Cliche Love Song’

Can Basim make it two consecutive wins for Denmark?

Can Basim make it two consecutive wins for Denmark?

I think we have saved one of the best songs for last. Defending champions Denmark are hoping to retain their Eurovision crown this year with Basim and his song ‘Cliche Love Song’. Like Alanis Morrisette before him who sang a song about ‘Ironic’ things without actually giving any examples of anything ironic, Basim sings a song about cliches but fails