Twitter Battle: Round 2 Update

Twitter Battle

It’s time for a twitter battle update. Yesterday you had been voting for the following three battles, here are the results:

24th April

Germany (Elaiza) v. Denmark (Basim)

Greece (Freaky Fortune feat. RiskyKidd) v. Estonia (Tanja)

Hungary (Andras Kallay Saunders) v. Russia (Tolmachevy Twins)

Upcoming battles:

25th AprilĀ 

Austria (Conchita Wurst) v. Iceland (Pollaponk)

Netherlands (Common Linnets) v. Slovenia (Tinkara Kovac)

Ireland (Can Linn feat Kasey Smith) v. Portugal (Suzy)

26th April

Moldova (Cristina Scarlat) v. Israel (Mei Finegold)

Sweden (Sanna Nielsen) v. Poland (Donatan and Cleo)

Armenia (Aram MP3) v. Finland (Softengine)

27th April

San Marino (Valentina Monetta) v. Malta (Firelight)

Norway (Carl Epsen) v. Switzerland (Sebalter)

Latvia (Aarzemnieki) v. Macedonia (Tijana)

28th April

Montenegro (Sergej) v. Belgium (Axel Hirsoux)

Azerbaijan (Dilara) v. Spain (Ruth Lorenzo)

UK (Molly) v. Belarus (Teo)

29th AprilĀ 

Romania (Paula Seling and Ovi) v. Ukraine (Mariya)

You can vote by following us on Twitter @tabooeurovision. The results will be posted daily and the battles for the final 16 will be revealed on 29th April.

Review: Switzerland- Sebalter ‘Hunter of Stars’

Sebalter hoping to secure Switzerland's third Eurovision victory

Sebalter hoping to secure Switzerland’s third Eurovision victory

Switzerland have only won the Eurovision twice, most notably with Celine Dion in 1988. This year they are hoping that Sebastiano Pau-Lessi, better known by stage name SEBalter, will be able to take the victory with his song ‘Hunter of Stars’.

The song is a fun and playful, and packed with a wide arrange of instruments; double bass, banjo, keyboards, guitar and fiddle. Add to this an effective whistling

Review: Slovenia- Tinkara Kovac ‘Round and Round’

Tinkara tries to revive the popularity of the flute!

Tinkara tries to revive the popularity of the flute!

The Eurovision is all about iconic instruments. Take for example the astounding win in 2009 for Norway when Alexander Rybak’s infectious violin solo took Europe by storm in his winning song ‘Fairytale.

Then there’s Lordi’s ‘Hard Rock Hallelujah’ performed with heavy metal and hard rock guitars