Eurovision Rewind: 1969

Eurovision Rewind

We take you back to 1969. An unusual year as there were 4 joint winners. While Spain, Netherlands and France’s winning songs all have their merits, it is the UK’s entry that we have decided to share with you today. So enjoy Lulu’s ‘Boom Bang a Bang’:

Review: Moldova- Cristina Scarlat ‘Wild Soul’

Bonnie Tyler Cristina Scarlat is Moldova's pick for Eurovision 2014

Bonnie Tyler Cristina Scarlat is Moldova’s pick for Eurovision 2014

We at Eurovision2014 Blog have dubbed the Moldovan entry for this year’s Eurovision: ‘The Life Aquatic with Bonnie Tyler’. The video sees Cristina Scarlat, a Bonnie Tyler look and sound-alike, perform her song ‘Wild Soul’ underwater. The video really has everything-

Review: San Marino- Valentina Monetta ‘Maybe’

Valentina loves a big billowy dress.

Valentina loves a big billowy dress.

The video for the San Marino entry opens with a ghost playing the piano. We then cut to the beach (a popular location for Eurovision videos this year) where a woman wearing a billowy white dress stands in the sand looking out at the sea and pontificates many things that may be.

Ruth Lorenzo covers Eurovision Winners in New Medley

Ruth Lorenzo takes on three recent Eurovision winning songs!

Ruth Lorenzo takes on three recent Eurovision winning songs!

Spain’s Ruth Lorenzo has released a video in which¬†she has covered three past Eurovision winning songs in a medley. The ‘Dancing in the Rain’ singer blends together Loreen’s ‘Euphoria’, Lena’s ‘Satellite’ and last year’s winner Emmelie de Forest’s

Eurovision Quiz


cropped-joinus_press_11.jpgThink you know your Loreens from your Linda Martins? Your Danas from your Dana Internationals? Well it’s time to put that knowledge to the test. We’ve created a little quiz for you. Can you select from the list the winners of Eurovision 1990-2013? Be careful though because if you select an incorrect answer it will end the quiz. Let us know how you get on. Click here to take part and the best of luck!


And check back in a few days when we’ll put up another Eurovision quiz for you to take part in.