Review: San Marino- Valentina Monetta ‘Maybe’

Valentina loves a big billowy dress.

Valentina loves a big billowy dress.

The video for the San Marino entry opens with a ghost playing the piano. We then cut to the beach (a popular location for Eurovision videos this year) where a woman wearing a billowy white dress stands in the sand looking out at the sea and pontificates many things that may be. That woman is Valentina Monetta and she begins her Eurovision entry ‘Maybe’ with somewhat bizarre lyrics. Bizarre in that they don’t really seem to have anything to do with anything. Take for instance this snippet:

‘Maybe there’s a pearl in the shell. Maybe there’s a story to tell. Maybe we can not live in peace, coz we’re under a spell.’

Well yes maybe there is a pearl in a shell, and yes indeed maybe it does tell a story, but what impact does this have on anything? Further to the bizarre lyrics, the vocals are also quite weird. Valentina’s voice does have its merits and at times the song is quite sweet, however it seems as though the singer’s tongue is too big for her mouth and at there are certain stages in the song where she struggles to get the words out. While I am not totally enamoured with the song, I do enjoy the part at the beginning of the chorus when Ms. Monetta channels her inner Shirley Manson from Garbage as she belts out ‘The World is Not Enough’-esque vocals from the 1999 Bond movie of the same name. I think the song is in with a good chance of qualifying for the final but above and beyond that I don’t see it making much of an impact. Let us know what you think of the video by commenting on this post.

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