Twitter Eurovision Battles- Preliminary Round

Eurovision battles begin!

Eurovision battles begin!

We are desperate to know what your favourite Eurovision song is this year so we have decided to let all the entries battle it out on twitter.

Each day we will pit two entries against each other by asking you to Retweet if you like option 1 or favourite if you like option 2 better. We will then whittle these entries down until only one winner is left standing. Continue reading


Eurovision Rewind: 1967

Our time machine takes you to the 60’s for the first time, to the year when the United Kingdom won their first ever Eurovision competition in 1967 when Sandie Shaw’s ‘Puppet On a String’ took gold. Relive the song here:


Freaky Fortune and RiskyKidd give us a Eurovision Medley! LISTEN!

Freaky Fortune take on a number of Eurovision winning songs.

Freaky Fortune take on a number of Eurovision winning songs.

Everyone loves a good Eurovision medley. And this year’s acts seem to know this better than anyone. We have already had a medley from Spain’s Ruth Lorenzo which was a mash up of Lena, Emmelie de Forest and Loreen’s winning songs. We’ve also seen Aram MP3 cover ‘Only Teardrops’. Now it’s Greece’s turn to get in on the action covering various Eurovision winners in their medley. Check it out and let us know what you think:


Review: Lithuania- Vilija Mataciunaite ‘Attention’

ATTENTION! Vilija is here!

ATTENTION! Vilija is here!

Vilija Mataciunaite (spell check) is Lithuania’s choice for Eurovision in 2014. ‘Attention’ is the title of her song and she commands just that from the outset. The song has a catchy hook and with the constant repetition of the title it’s hard for it not to be stuck in your head for days.  Continue reading

Review: Georgia- The Shin and Mariko ‘Three Minutes to Earth’

The Shin and Mariko host the world's worst garden party.

The Shin and Mariko host the world’s worst garden party.

Georgia have selected The Shin and Mariko as their Eurovision representative this year with a song who’s title could well be a Doctor Who episode. ‘Three Minutes to Earth’ seems like a random song title and is made no clearer when set alongside the Georgian’s weird video. The video is probably the worst Continue reading