Eurovision Rewind: 1996

Eurovision Rewind

Jump in our time machine and we’ll take you back to 1996, the last time Ireland won the Eurovision Song Contest with the hauntingly powerful vocals of Eimear Quinn. Check out ‘The Voice’:


Review: Iceland- Pollaponk ‘No Prejudice’

Pollaponk hoping to spread a message of 'No Prejudice' for Iceland

Pollaponk hoping to spread a message of ‘No Prejudice’ for Iceland

Now, isn’t this what Eurovision is all about right here? A nice upbeat pop song performed by a few Euro-weirdos with a slight but not too specific or overbearing message of peace, love and unity. I think this song is hugely underrated and at the end of the day is just a bit of fun.

Aram MP3 Covers ‘Only Teardrops’ LISTEN!


aram mp3Aram MP3, bookies favourite to win the Eurovision this year for Armenia has covered last year’s winning song ‘Only Teardrops’. Check out his cover of the song below with an introduction from the original artist Denmark’s Emmelie de Forrest.


Review: Hungary- Andras Kallay Saunders ‘Running’

Is Andras in the 'Running' for a Eurovision win?

Is Andras in the ‘Running’ for a Eurovision win?

‘Running’ is another of my favourite Eurovision entries for this year and it comes from Hungarian Andras Kallay Saunders. He has already achieved a great deal of success in Hungary scoring three top ten hit singles; ‘Csak Veled’, ‘I Love You’ and ‘Tonight’ a collaboration