Ranking: Eurovision Songs 2017 (Week 6)

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Sunstroke Project Eurovision 2017 Moldova
This week Slovenia, Moldova, Denmark and Ukraine joined the list of Eurovision 2017 songs. We’ve added The SunStroke Project, O. Torvald, Anja Nissen and Omar Naber to our Eurovision playlist which joins the other 13 songs we already have. We continue to rank our favourites. Here is our top 17 so far. We’ll be back next Sunday with another ranking update when more songs have been announced!

  1. Moldova: SunStroke Project- ‘Hey Mamma!’ (NE)
  2. Belarus: Navi Band- ‘Historyja majho žyccia’ (Story of My Life) (2)
  3. Spain: Manel Navarro- ‘Do It For Your Lover’ (1)
  4. Italy: Francesco Gabbani- ‘Occidentalis Karma’ (7)
  5. Ukraine: O. Torvald- ‘Time’ (NE)
  6. Switzerland: Timebelle- ‘Apollo’ (3)
  7. United Kingdom: Lucie Jones- ‘Never Give Up On You’ (6)
  8. Denmark: Anja Nissen- ‘Where I Am’ (NE)
  9. Finland: Norma John- ‘Blackbird’ (5)
  10. France: Alma- ‘Requiem’ (4)
  11. Poland: Kasia Mos- ‘Flashlight’ (8)
  12. Germany: Levina- ‘Perfect Life’ (9)
  13. Malta: Claudia Faniello- ‘Breathlessly’ (10)
  14. Georgia: Tako Gachechiladze – ‘Keep the Faith’ (11)
  15. Slovenia: Omar Naber- ‘On My Way’ (NE)
  16. Hungary: Joci Papai- ‘Origo’ (13)
  17. Albania: Lindita Hamili- ‘Botë’ (World) (12)


Check out our playlist of the Eurovision songs so far:

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