Ranking: Sweden’s Melfest Top 16!

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It’s been a gruelling four weeks for the participants in Sweden’s Eurovision selection show Melodifestivalen. Following four heats, we now know the top 16 songs. Ahead of the second chance show and the winner being announced we take a look at the 16 songs in the running, give them a score out of ten and rank them from worst to best. Read on to find out who placed where!

16. Owe Thörnqvist- ‘Boogieman Blues’


15. Nano- ‘Hold On’


14. Dismissed- ‘Hearts Align’


13. Jon Henrik Fjällgren feat. Aninia- ‘En värld full av strider’


12. Benjamin Ingrosso- ‘Good Lovin”


11. Mariette- ‘A Million Years’





10. Boris René- ‘Her Kiss’


9. Axel Schylström– ‘När ingen ser’


8. Lisa Ajax- ‘I Don’t Give A’



7. Wiktoria- ‘As I Lay Me Down’


6. FO&O- ‘Gotta Thing’


5. Anton Hagman- ‘Kiss You Goodbye’


4. De Vet Du- ‘Road Trip’


3. Loreen- ‘Statements’


2. Ace Wilder- ‘Wild Child’


1. Robin Bengtsson- ‘I Can’t Go On’


Do you agree with our ranking? Vote for your favourite in our Melfest 2017 poll. The results will be revealed on Saturday, just before the final airs.

One thought on “Ranking: Sweden’s Melfest Top 16!

  1. 16 – This year’s Hasse Andersson. No chance of winning.
    15 – Wildly overrated, but could win.
    14 – Not bad, but not nearly strong enough.
    13 – Same as 14.
    12 – Quite cheap, generic pop. Girls will love it.
    11 – Same as 14.
    10 – I don’t mind it, but again, no chance.
    9 – Don’t really think much of this.
    8 – Pretty good, but repetitive. A shame.
    7 – My winner, as she was last year.
    6 – OK, but I was expecting better.
    5 – Quite average.
    4 – Enjoyable, and I can see it making the final. But still, not a winner by any means.
    3 – Overrated. Not a winner, but far from poor.
    2 – Another decent Ace song, but she’s yet to have one strong enough for Eurovision.
    1 – Not bad, not brilliant.


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