Nadine Coyle: ‘Eurovision: Is It Still Going?’


Former Girls Aloud singer Nadine Coyle discussed her plans for her future career in an interview with BBC Radio Ulster Talkback host William Crawley earlier this afternoon. Nadine and Eurovision fans won’t be happy as the singer doesn’t seem to have any ambitions to appear in the Contest any time soon. In fact when asked directly about Eurovision she asked ‘Is it still going?’.

Nadine did note how Ireland have performed exceptionally well in the Contest in the past ‘What about Ireland? They used to win it all the time when we were growing up’. However when host William Crawley pushed her for an answer on whether she would be more likely to represent the UK or Ireland, the singer side-stepped the question and instead got talking about Brexit and how she was glad she wasn’t a politician and didn’t have to deal with those big issues in her day to day life.

In the interview Nadine also spoke of her upcoming tour which will see her sing her own solo material as well as some of the classic songs from the Girls Aloud discography. ‘It’s really, really exciting…we’re just trying to figure it all out at the minute. There will be some of the Girls Aloud songs, slightly different versions.’

As well as her music career, she spoke highly of Channel 4’s recent successful sitcom ‘Derry Girls’. ‘I love it! Lisa McGee (the creator) has done such a great job!’ William asked if she had any plans to star in the show given her Derry roots, which Nadine more or less confirmed. ‘Yes. Talking about it. Trying to make it all work… Could possibly see me in the second series.’

Nadine released her eponymous EP earlier this year and the lead single ‘Go To Work’ was released late in 2017. Nadine’s UK and Ireland tour kicks off on 10th May with dates in Dublin’s Olympia Theatre (19 May) and Belfast’s Limelight (20 May).

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