Eurovision 2018 Final Gets Running Order!


Now that we’ve got the results of the two semi final shows which were held on Tuesday and Thursday, the allocation draws have been done and the Portuguese broadcaster RTP have announced the running order for the Grand Final on Saturday night. 1. Melovin- ‘Under The Ladder’ (Ukraine)

2. Alfred and Amaia- ‘Tu Cancion’ (Spain)

3. Lea Sirk- ‘Hvala Ne!’ (Slovenia)

4. Ieva Zasimauskiate- ‘When We’re Old’ (Lithuania)

5. Cesar Sampson- ‘Nobody But You’ (Austria)

6. Elina Nechayeva- ‘La Forza’ (Estonia)

7. Alexander Rybak- ‘That’s How You Write a Song’ (Norway)

8. Claudia Pascoal- ‘O Jardim’ (Portugal)

9. SuRie- ‘Storm’ (United Kingdom)

10. Sanja Ilic and Balkanika- ‘Nova Deca’ (Serbia)

11. Michael Schulte- ‘You Let Me Walk Alone’ (Germany)

12. Eugent Bushpepa- ‘Mall’ (Albania)

13. Madame Monsieur- ‘Mercy’ (France)

14. Mikolas Josef- ‘Lie To Me’ (Czech Republic)

15. Rasmussen- ‘Higher Ground’ (Denmark)

16. Jessica Mauboy- ‘We Got Love’ (Australia)

17. Saara Aalto- ‘Monsters’ (Finland)

18. Equinox- ‘Bones’ (Bulgaria)

19. DoReDos- ‘My Lucky Day’ (Moldova)

20. Benjamin Ingrosso- ‘Dance You Off’ (Sweden)

21. AWS- ‘Viszlat Nyar’ (Hungary)

22. Netta Barzilai- ‘Toy’ (Israel)

23. Waylon- ‘Outlaw In Em’ (The Netherlands)

24. Ryan O’Shaughnessy- ‘Together’ (Ireland)

25. Eleni Foureira- ‘Fuego’ (Cyprus)

26. Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro- ‘No Mi Avete Fatto Niente’ (Italy)

Tune in from 8pm on Saturday to find out which of the 26 finalists will be announced as the winner of this year’s contest!

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