Eurovision NI’s Song of 2016: Group Eight

Song of 2016

group 8 Eurovision NI SOng of 2016Over the next nine weeks we will be looking closely at some of the songs released in 2016 by former Eurovision contestants. We will be asking you to vote for your favourite from the lists before compiling a final Top 30 just before the end of the year.

New Song From Genealogy’s Vahe Tilbian!


vahe tilbian Armenia Eurovision NIWhile his Genealogy band mate Essai Altounian works towards selecting the next Armenian Eurovision entry on national selection show Depi Evratesil, Vahe Tilbian has been busy in the recording studio. The singer has unveiled the video for his new song. Check it out below!

Armenia- Preview of ‘Face the Shadow’ from Rehearsals


Eurovision 2015 Armenia RehearsalArmenia took to the Eurovision stage at Vienna’s Wiener Stadhalle for the first time earlier today to perform their song ‘Face the Shadow’. Read on to listen to a short preview clip of Genealogy.

Review: Armenia- Genealogy ‘Face the Shadow’

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armeniaArmenia had probably the most interesting concept for choosing their Eurovision entry out of all countries in 2015. They proposed to symbolically reunite the Armenian diaspora who had been forced to move abroad following the Armenian genocide of 1915 by forming a band out of representatives from five continents- Europe, Asia, Africa, Americas and Oceania, as well as having a sixth member from Armenia. The result was the band Genealogy and their song is ‘Face the Shadow’.

Watch Armenia’s Video


genArmenia probably had the most ambitious project for Eurovision this year. They announced that they would form a six piece band made up of Armenian diaspora from five different continents and from a range of musical backgrounds. The result was super group Genealogy made up of Essaï Altounian, Tamar Kaprelian,Vahe Tilbian, Stephanie Topalian, Mary-Jean O’Doherty Basmadjian and announced this week Inga Arshakyan.

Armenia choose Fifth Member of Genealogy


Mary Jean

We ‘Don’t Deny’ that Armenia’s selection process for Eurovision is beginning to feel a little drawn out and tiresome. Never the less the fifth of six members of their super group Genealogy has been announced today.

Australian Mary-Jean O’Doherty Vasmatzian will join Stephanie Topalian, Essaï Altounian, Vahe Tilbian and Tamar Kaprelian who have already been announced as members of the group. We await the final member to be announced later this week and to get a preview of their song ‘Don’t Deny’.

What do you think of Armenia’s idea to unite all continents under one band for a one off Eurovision performance? Is it gimmicky? Is it drawn out? Do you care? Do you just want to hear the song at this stage? Let us know your opinions below.

Genealogy Get Member Number 4!


downloadArmenia have announced that the fourth member of their Eurovision supergroup Genealogy is Stephanie Topalian. The Japanese resident will represent the Asian contingent of the band and will join the other three members who have already been announced: Essai Altounian, Tamar Kaprelian and Vahe Tilbian. We are still awaiting two more members being announced in order to complete the line up.