Eurovision 2016: My Top 42

Ukraine Eurovision 2016 JamalaWith the first Eurovision Semi Final taking place tomorrow (that crept up on us, didn’t it?), I thought it fitting for me to rank all the songs from best to worst in my opinion. Read on to find out which songs I loved and which I loathed and whether or not you agreed! Continue reading


Listen to Acoustic Version of Iceland’s ‘Litil Skref’

Check out this acoustic and Icelandic version of Maria Olafsdottir’s 2015 Eurovision song ‘Unbroken’ a.k.a. ‘Litil Skref’ and let us know what you think. Like what you hear? Then vote for it in our poll in which we want to find out your top 40 Eurovision songs for 2015. Continue reading

Slovenia top our Eurovision 2015 poll (week1)

You’ve been voting all week for your favourite Eurovision song from the class of 2015. This week it was Slovenia’s Maraaya who came out on top with their song “Here for You”. See the full top 40 below and the poll is now open again to vote for your favourite again.

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