Eurovision Twitter Battles First Result

Twitter Battle
Eurovision battles begin!

Eurovision battles begin!

As you may know from last night’s post we have decided to pit all the Eurovision entries against each other this year in our Twitter battles. Yesterday saw Spain’s Ruth Lorenzo take on France’s Twin Twin and the results are in.

The winner of the first battle is:

Review: Georgia- The Shin and Mariko ‘Three Minutes to Earth’

The Shin and Mariko host the world's worst garden party.

The Shin and Mariko host the world’s worst garden party.

Georgia have selected The Shin and Mariko as their Eurovision representative this year with a song who’s title could well be a Doctor Who episode. ‘Three Minutes to Earth’ seems like a random song title and is made no clearer when set alongside the Georgian’s weird video. The video is probably the worst

Switzerland’s Sebalter least viewed video this week, Moldova least viewed overall.

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Sebalter only manages

Sebalter only manages 4,670 views this week.

Time now to look at the other end of the spectrum and at the videos with the fewest overall views. Moldova’s Cristina Scarlat now has the fewest number of views on Youtube as Latvia rise one place to 36th. Still in the bottom five are Finland and Belgium and they