Israel choose Nadav Guedj for Eurovision 2015

Nadav Guedj is Isreal's Eurovision 2015 pick

Nadav Guedj is Isreal’s Eurovision 2015 pick

Israel’s HaKokhav HaBa aka Rising Star concluded last night with four acts competing in the final line up. Sixteen year old Nadav Guedj fended off competition from runners up Iky Levy & The Rasta Hebrew Men and finalists Sari Nachmias and Avia Shoshani who were eliminated after the first round of voting to become Israel’s 2015 Eurovision candidate.

Poll: Who Should Israel Choose


This year’s winner of HaKokhav HaBa or the “The Next Star” will be chosen as the Israeli Eurovision entry for 2015. The show will come to a head on Tuesday night (17th February). The show is an interactive reality singing competition, based on the “Rising Star” and combines public opinion from the internet, smartphones and television and is filmed live. The final four contenders are below. Vote in our poll and let us know who you think should win.

Sari Nachmias

Avi Shoshani

Iky Levi and the Rasta Hebrew Men

Nadav Guedj


15 Things We Learned This Week

15 things we learned this week, News

anti social media1. Denmark became the tenth country to choose their song for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest. Anti Social Media won the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix on Saturday with their song ‘The Way You Are’ after receiving the highest combined votes of jury and public.

2. Runner up Anne Gadegaard wasn’t pleased with the results as she had received the highest amount of votes from the public. The ‘Suitcase’ singer took to social media to complain about the jury decision saying that it should have been her that was selected to represent Denmark.

3. The 60th Anniversary concert organised by the BBC was confirmed this week.