Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro- ‘No Mi Avete Fatto Niente’ (Italy) Lyrics

Duo Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro will represent Italy at Eurovision 2018. Check out their lyrics to ‘No Mi Avete Fatto Niente’ along with the English translation.  Continue reading


10 Things About…Ermal and Fabrizio!

Get to know Italian duo Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro better with our 10 Things About…Ermal and Fabrizio! Continue reading

It’s Ermal and Fabrizio for Italy at Eurovision 2018!

Italian broadcaster RAI have aired their Eurovision national selection show. Sanremo, a week long series of concerts saw 20 artists that will compete in the Big Artists competition which decides the nation’s artist and song for Eurovision 2018. In the end they opted for ‘Non Mi Avete Fatto Niente’ by Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro.  Continue reading

Poll Results: Italy’s San Remo 2018!

This week sees Italy’s week long series of concerts San Remo 2018 take place. As well as playing host to some of the biggest names in international music, it will also serve as Italy’s Eurovision selection for 2018. You have been voting for the past few weeks for your favourite of the Big Artists contestants. Ahead of the big decision tomorrow night, it’s time to reveal the results of our poll! Continue reading

Ranking: Italy’s Sanremo 2018 Songs!

This week sees Italy’s Sanremo 2018 series of concerts take place. Part of this festival is the Big Artists Contest where twenty acts battle it out to win the crown and first refusal to represent Italy at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. Ahead of the final result on Saturday we have listened to the competing songs and rated and ranked them. Read on to see which of the contenders was our favourite and whether or not you agree!

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Italy Reveal the Line Up for Sanremo 2018!

Italian broadcaster RAI have announced the 20 artists that will compete in the Big Artists part of the San Remo competition. The week long series of concerts is used by the broadcaster to select the nation’s entry for Eurovision 2018.  Continue reading

10 Things About…Francesco Gabbani!

Italy Eurovision 2017 francesco-gabbani

Francesco Gabbani won the Big Artists category at Italy’s week long music festival Sanremo in 2017. He won with his song ‘Occidentalis Karma’ and will represent the country at Eurovision 2017 in Kiev. Ahead of his appearance, we get to know the singer a bit better with 10 Things About…Francesco Gabbani. Continue reading

15 Things We Learned This Week (12th Feb 2017)

Eurovision NIIt’s been a busy week for Eurovision. Read on to read our recap of all the news, gossip and national finals activity that occurred this week!
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Francesco Gabbani wins Sanremo and Will Represent Italy at Eurovision 2017!

Sanremo 2017 Italy EurovisionThe Italian music festival Sanremo concluded its 67th edition in tonight following a week of concerts in Teatro Ariston in the Italian city of Sanremo.  Continue reading

SMRTV Hits Back at Tony Maiello’s Claims!

tony maiello eurovision 2017The San Marino Eurovision 2017 controversy has taken another turn with the broadcaster SMRTV hitting back at singer Tony Maiello today. Maiello had recently claimed that the broadcaster approached him to represent the micro state at Eurovision 2017. However, for his bid to be successful he claimed that SMRTV wanted a donation of €500,000. Continue reading