10 Things About…Francesco Gabbani!

Italy Eurovision 2017 francesco-gabbani

Francesco Gabbani won the Big Artists category at Italy’s week long music festival Sanremo in 2017. He won with his song ‘Occidentalis Karma’ and will represent the country at Eurovision 2017 in Kiev. Ahead of his appearance, we get to know the singer a bit better with 10 Things About…Francesco Gabbani. Continue reading


15 Things We Learned This Week (12th Feb 2017)

Eurovision NIIt’s been a busy week for Eurovision. Read on to read our recap of all the news, gossip and national finals activity that occurred this week!
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Francesco Gabbani wins Sanremo and Will Represent Italy at Eurovision 2017!

Sanremo 2017 Italy EurovisionThe Italian music festival Sanremo concluded its 67th edition in tonight following a week of concerts in Teatro Ariston in the Italian city of Sanremo.  Continue reading

SMRTV Hits Back at Tony Maiello’s Claims!

tony maiello eurovision 2017The San Marino Eurovision 2017 controversy has taken another turn with the broadcaster SMRTV hitting back at singer Tony Maiello today. Maiello had recently claimed that the broadcaster approached him to represent the micro state at Eurovision 2017. However, for his bid to be successful he claimed that SMRTV wanted a donation of €500,000. Continue reading

Italy Reveals the 22 Acts for Sanremo 2017!

Sanremo 2017 Italy EurovisionThe Italian music festival Sanremo will host its 67th edition in the week beginning 7th February in Teatro Ariston in the Italian city of Sanremo. Earlier this week the participants in the 2017 festival’s Big Artists category, who are given first refusal to compete for Italy at Eurovision, were revealed. Check out the list below! Continue reading

Sanremo Acts to be revealed on 12th December!

Sanremo 2017 Italy EurovisionThe Italian music festival Sanremo will host its 67th edition in the week beginning 7th February in Teatro Ariston in the Italian city of Sanremo. Reports from Italian media outlets suggest that there will be 22 singers competing in this year’s contest and the acts will be announced on 12th December 2016. Continue reading

Eurovision Guide 2017: Acts and Songs

As Eurovision 2017 draws closer we will keep you up to date with all the artist and song announcements as they happen. To keep them all in one place we have compiled the table below. Click on the hyperlink under ‘Selection Process’ to find out more about how that country chose their artist, the hyperlink under ‘Artist’ to find out more about the artist from that country and the hyperlink under ‘Song’ to read our review of the song. Few announcements have been made at present, but we will update as the acts are revealed.

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Poll Results: Albania Victorious in Our Final Weekly Poll

Albania Eurovision 2016 EnedaThis week you have been voting in the last of our weekly polls before the Eurovision Final which will take place on Saturday 14th May. On top of the last weekly poll of the year was Albania. Eneda Tarifa has topped the poll an incredible nine out of twelve times with her song ‘Fairytale’. This week she topped the poll with 52% of the vote while Bosnia Herzegovina finished in second for a third week in a row with Ireland’s Nicky Byrne in third with 18% for his song ‘Sunlight’. The top five was rounded up by UK’s Joe and Jake and France’s Amir. Read on for the full results.

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Poll: Which Eurovision Song is Your Fave? (closes 8th May)

Eurovision 2016Albania seem unbeatable having topped our weekly poll an amazing eight times. However, this week we will do it all over again and for the last time. If you want to see your favourite song on top, then make sure you vote for them in this week’s poll. The poll will close on Sunday 8th May.
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Poll Results: Albania Top Poll for Eighth Time!

Albania Eurovision 2016 EnedaIt’s all becoming all too predictable in our weekly poll. On top, yet again, you’ve guessed it it’s Albania. Eneda Tarifa’s ‘Fairytale’ is coming true it would seem, having topped our poll for a pretty impressive eight times over the eleven weeks that we have run it so far. The song came out on top again this week with 78% of the overall vote. Bosnia/Herzegovina came in second again this week with 7% for ‘Ljubav je’, a collaboration between Dalal, Deen, Jala and Ana Rucner. In third was Russia’s Sergey Lazarev with ‘You Are the Only One’, while fourth and fifth place belonged to UK and France respectively.

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