It’s Carousel for Latvia!

A roster of eight Latvian singers (Carousel, Markus Riva, Double Faces Eels, Dzili Violets feat. Kozmens, Aivo Oskis, Edgars Kreilis, Laime Pilniga and Samanta Tina) fought it out to represent Latvia at Eurovision. The selection show Supernova came to a head tonight. There could only be one winner. Continue reading

Latvia Supernova Semi 2 Results!

A roster of eight Latvian singers (Adriana Miglane, Carousel, Markus Riva, Double Faces Eels, Kristiāna, Dzili Violets feat. Kozmens, Laika Upe and Peress) fought it out for a place in the final of Latvia’s Eurovision selection show Supernova tonight. There was only room for four in the final. So who made it? Continue reading

Ranking: Latvia’s Supernova 2019 Contenders!

Latvia have finalised the sixteen songs that will compete in their Eurovision 2019 selection show Supernova when it kicks off in February. Before they decide who it is that will take the reins at Eurovision 2019, we take a look at all sixteen songs, rate them out of ten and rank them from our least favourite to our fave! Take a look to see which ones we liked best! Continue reading