Eurovision NI’s World Cup 2020: Group D Results!

Eurovision World Cup, Eurovision World Cup 2020, Poll

We are half way through the group stages of the Eurovision NI World Cup 2020. You have been voting in Group D since Thursday but only two of the six songs in this group could make it to the knockout rounds. It’s time to reveal the results!

Eurovision NI’s World Cup 2020: Group D

Eurovision World Cup, Eurovision World Cup 2020, Poll

It’s time to vote in the fourth group of the Eurovision NI’s World Cup 2020! The countries participating in this group are: Denmark, Portugal, Greece, San Marino, Lithuania and Slovenia. Listen to all the songs below and vote for your favourite in the poll. Only two songs can advance to the next stage.

Eurovision NI Song of 2018: 20-11!

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We continue our countdown of our favourite Eurovision songs from 2018 with the songs 20-11. Read on to find out who made the top 20!