It’s S!sters for Germany

This evening saw the German Eurovision 2019 selection show ‘Unser Lied fur Israel’ get under way. Seven acts battled it out to be the German pick for Tel Aviv but only one could be chosen. Continue reading


Ranking: Germany’s Unser Lied Fur Israel 2019 Contenders!

This evening Germany will host their Eurovision 2019 selection show ‘Unser Lied fur Israel’. Seven acts will battle it out to be the German pick for Tel Aviv but ahead of that we take a look at each of the songs in the running and rate and rank them. Read on to find out which are our faves! Continue reading

It’s Agnete for Norway!

Norway Finland Sweden Eurovision 2016Norway’s marathon Eurovision selection show Melodi Grand Prix aired tonight. After two hours and ten performers, Norway have selected Agnete’s ‘Icebreaker’ as their entry for Eurovision 2016. Continue reading

Poll Results: Norway, Finland and Sweden Results!

Norway Finland Sweden Eurovision 2016Eurovision fans will be spoilt for choice tonight with seven Eurovision selection shows to chose from. Among these shows are three of the Scandinavian nations with Finland and Norway both hosting the final of their national selections and Sweden who will deliver the fourth of their Melodifestivalen shows. All of these shows will kick off at 20:00 CET tonight, but before they do, we reveal who has topped each of the nation’s polls. Continue reading

Eurovision 2016 Guide: Norway

Norway Eurovision 2016

Despite three wins at Eurovision (Bobbysocks 1985, Garden 1995 and Alexander Rybak in 2009), Norway have one of the worst records in Eurovision. They have come in last place a whopping 11 times and on four of those occasions they were awarded the dreaded nul points. Recently though Norway have sent some solid songs and have racked up a three consecutive top ten finishes in the past three years including Margaret Berger, Carl Espen and last year’s duet between Morland and Debrah Scarlett. They return to the Contest for a 55th time in 2016, so let’s find out what they have in store.

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