Eurovision NI Awards 2019: WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Eurovision NI Awards 2019, News

We are in the midst of Eurovision Selection Season, then there’s Eurovision itself in May, but Eurovision fans are usually stuck for Eurovision entertainment from June through to December! In 2016 we tried to fill that gap with the launch of the Eurovision NI Awards. In 2019 we want to expand our offering to a bigger venue that can accommodate a bigger audience and we want to put on a Eurovision Extravaganza. In order to do that we need your help and would love it if you could donate to our Kickstarter campaign.

Listen: Andrius Pojavis Releases First Lithuanian Language Song


Andrius Pojavis has released his first ever Lithuanian language song. The song is entitled ‘MylÄ—t’ and was inspired by his recent participation in the Spanish walking festival Comino de Santiago.