Eurovision 2019 Fraught with Voting Irregularities!

In the wake of the Eurovision 2019 results, it seems that that there have been a number of issues with how the jury votes had been delivered. Most notably, and the only one that the EBU has accepted to date, is the results of the Belorussian jury. Other marked mistakes however have been made. This is particularly the case in regards to the Semi Final jury votes and some of the national jurors having voted back to front. Continue reading

Eurovision Stage Design Continues Nautical Theme!

Earlier today, 5 December, Eurovision organisers gave us the first sneak peek at their proposed designs for the stage at Eurovision 2018. Continue reading

Gerard Depardieu Blacklisted From Eurovision 2017!

Gerard Depardieu Eurovision 2017

French-born actor Gerard Depardieu and 80 other Russian singers, actors and performers were banned from Ukrainian TV, radio and cinemas back in August 2015 as it is believed they pose a ‘threat to national security’. This week Ukrainian Minister for Culture Eugene Nyschuk confirmed that if any of those named on the list are chosen to represent Russia for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, they will not be admitted to the country. The decision regarding the Blacklist has been reiterated following an announcement earlier this week that Kiev will be the host of the 2017 Contest.  Continue reading

Australia to Return to Eurovision in 2016

Following a successful stint in 2015, Australia will return to Eurovision in 2016. The announcement was made on 17th November after the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) came to the decision in conjunction with Australian national broadcasters SBS. Continue reading

Stockholm to host Eurovision 2016

Eurovision 2016 Sweden

Globe Arena to host Eurovision 2016

It is just a month and a half since Mans Zelmerlow won Eurovision 2015 with his anthemic song ‘Heroes’. Attention has swiftly turned towards next year’s competition, as the Swedish national broadcaster SVT announced this morning that Stockholm will officially host the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest. Stockholm beat off stiff competition from 2013 host city Malmo, fan-favourite Gothenburg and Linkoping.

The venue for Eurovision 2016 will be the Globe Arena which will play host to Eurovision for the second time, having first hosted the contest back in 2000. Preliminary dates have also been set for the live shows- the Semi-Finals will be held on 10th and 12th May, with the week of concerts culminating in the Grand Final on 14th May 2016. More information about ticket sales are expected in due course, but they are not expected to go on sale until the end of the 2015.

Continue reading

Eurovision Goes Global as Australia Selected to Compete

It was announced today that the EBU have accepted a proposal which will allow Australia to take part as contestants in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest for the first time which marks the 60th anniversary of the competition. The decision is an historic one and could set a precedent for other guest nations not in Europe to compete at future events.   Continue reading

European Broadcasting Union Forced to make decision about Crimea

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU), responsible for overseeing the televising of the Eurovision Song Contest, will soon have to make an important decision regarding the recent upheaval in Crimea. This decision concerns counting Crimea’s votes for Eurovision Final Continue reading