Sennek- ‘A Matter of Time’ (Belgium) Lyrics

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Laura Groeseneken aka SENNEK will represent Belgium at Eurovision 2018. Here are the lyrics to her song ‘A Matter of Time’!

10 Things About…Laura Groeseneken!

10 Things About..., News

Laura Groeseneken was the first of the artists to be announced for Eurovision 2018. She will sing for Belgium in Lisbon in May, but here are some interesting facts about the singer.

Review: San Marino- Valentina Monetta ‘Maybe’

Valentina loves a big billowy dress.

Valentina loves a big billowy dress.

The video for the San Marino entry opens with a ghost playing the piano. We then cut to the beach (a popular location for Eurovision videos this year) where a woman wearing a billowy white dress stands in the sand looking out at the sea and pontificates many things that may be.