Eleni Foureira- ‘Fuego’ (Cyprus) Lyrics

Eleni Foureira is the Cypriot contender for Eurovision 2018! Check out the lyrics to her song ‘Fuego’ here!

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10 Things About… Eleni Foureira!

Want to know more about the Cypriot singer for Eurovision 2018? Check out 10 Things About…Eleni Foureira!

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It’s Eleni Foureira for Cyprus!

Rumours have been abound for the Cyprus Eurovision selection for 2018. This today can all be put to bed as it was revealed that Eleni Foureira will go to bat for Cyprus in Lisbon in May. Continue reading

Eurovision Top 100 (2007-2016) Full Chart

Eurovision NI Top 100 1-10Over the past week and a half we have been gradually unveiling our top 100 songs from the last ten years of Eurovision (2007-2016). Now that all has been revealed, here is the full countdown from number 100 to number one! Continue reading

Eurovision Top 100 (2007-2016) Part Two

Eurovision Top 100
This week I began my countdown of my Top 100 Eurovision Songs from the past ten years. Yesterday I revealed those songs that placed 91-100, today I will count down the songs that placed from 81-90, join me tomorrow when songs 71-80 will be posted! Read on to find out if your favourites have made the list so far! Continue reading