Review: Armenia- Iveta Mukuchyan ‘LoveWave’

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Armenia Eurovision 2016 Iveta

Iveta Mukuchyan will represent Armenia at Eurovision in 2016. She will perform her song ‘LoveWave’ in the first semi final on 10th May. Read on to find out what we made of her entry.

Sergey Lazarev: King of Leather!


Sergey Lazarev Eurovision 2016 RussiaOur obsession with Russia’s 2016 Eurovision entry Sergey Lazarev gets more and more unhealthy by the day. As we rummaged¬†through his back catalogue of videos, stalked his Instagram account and googled images of him, we couldn’t help but notice a recurring fashion motif. Our man Sergey loves his leather! In fact he loves it so much we have decided to crown him King of Leather. Read on to see some of his amazing leather clad outfits.¬†