Review: Italy- Il Volo “Grande Amore”

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Il Volo Italy Eurovision 2015

Il Volo probably had the toughest journey in their quest to be chosen as their country’s national representative at Eurovision 2015. They had to battle it out over a week of concerts against over 20 other competitors in Sanremo 2015, which was the contest that Eurovision drew its inspiration from. Shortly after winning the concert, Il Volo announced that they would accept the invitation to be the Italian entry for 2015 and that their song would be ‘Grande Amore’. 

12 Times ABBA were Super Troupers


imageThere is no doubting that Abba have become fashion icons. They are known for their over the top dress sense- sparky numbers, jumpsuits and flares. Below are 12 times when Abba showed they were super troupers and persevered despite having some ridiculous attire.