Eurovision Rewind: 2006

Eurovision Rewind

Lithuania haven’t been too successful in Eurovision, so you have to commend them for having the brass neck on them to come out with a song in 2006 which exclaimed that ‘We Are the Winners’ of Eurovision. Unfortunately their confidence didn’t pay off and their prophecy didn’t come true.

Eurovision Rewind: 1985


Earlier this month the BBC treated us to a Greatest Hits Concert. I think that the best performance on the night came from the Norwegian entry from 1985 Bobbysocks’ ‘La Det Swinge’. That is why the song is this week’s Eurovision Rewind! Enjoy!

Eurovision Rewind: 2007

Eurovision Rewind

This is perhaps one of the most bizarre Eurovision songs in recent years and it is this week’s Eurovision Rewind! ‘Vampires Are Alive’ was the Swiss entry in the 2007 contest. Did you miss out on DJ BoBo back then? Give it a listen now and let us know your thoughts?

Eurovision Rewind: 1979

Eurovision Rewind

This week’s Eurovision Rewind takes us back to 1979 and to the Israeli winning hit ‘Hallelujah’ by Gali Atari and Milk and Honey. The reason this song was chosen was because last week I went to see Pedro Almodóvar produced film ‘Wild Tales’. The film is a collection of dark short stories which sees writer and director Damian Szifron act out some of his everyday frustrations in society (which we can all relate to) in hilariously over the top scenarios. Perhaps the best of the vignettes occurred at a Jewish wedding where the bride discovers that her husband has been having an affair just moments before their first dance. In a scene later in the film the ‘Hallelujah’ song is played and that is why it is our Rewind this week. Enjoy!

Eurovision Rewind: 1996

Eurovision Rewind

Got that nostalgic feeling? We’ve got you covered with this week’s Eurovision Rewind. This week we’re in 1996 with second place for Norway’s Elizabeth Andreassen’s ‘I Evighet’. Listen to the song which was runner up to Ireland’s Eimear Quinn’s ‘The Voice’ below.

Eurovision Rewind: 1988

Eurovision Rewind

Ah, 1988. The year I was born and when I totally oblivious to the joys of Eurovision. This week we take a look at the competition that propelled Celine Dion towards international success. However while Celine was riding high with the winning entry for Switzerland, we have a listen to the other end of the spectrum and Austria’s Willfired’s ‘Lisa Mona Lisa’ which came in last place with a whopping nul points! Have a listen if you dare!