Review: Georgia- The Shin and Mariko ‘Three Minutes to Earth’

The Shin and Mariko host the world's worst garden party.

The Shin and Mariko host the world’s worst garden party.

Georgia have selected The Shin and Mariko as their Eurovision representative this year with a song who’s title could well be a Doctor Who episode. ‘Three Minutes to Earth’ seems like a random song title and is made no clearer when set alongside the Georgian’s weird video. The video is probably the worst Continue reading


Review: United Kingdom- Molly ‘Children of the Universe’


In the recent past the United Kingdom have attempted to draw in acts that are household names across Europe to aid them in their quest to gain more votes and finish a little bit higher up the pecking order on the scoreboard in the Eurovision final. That’s why last year we had Bonnie Tyler, the year before that saw crooner Englebert Humperdink┬átake to the stage and in the year prior to that they sent hugely successful boy band Blue. This however has proven unsuccessful with all three acts failing to even break into the top 10.


Blue (2011) 11th Place

Engelbert Humperdink (2012) 25th place

Engelbert Humperdink (2012) 25th place

Bonnie Tyler (2013) 19th Place

Bonnie Tyler (2013) 19th Place






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