Twitter Battle Update: UK, Spain, Ukraine and Montenegro through to top 16.

Twitter Battle

battleAnother day over and more twitter battles came to a head. This time it was Ukraine’s Mariya Yaremchuk, UK’s Molly Smitten-Downes, Spain’s Ruth Lorenzo and Montenegro’s Sergej advancing through to the top sixteen. Check out the results below:

Eurovision Twitter Battles First Result

Twitter Battle
Eurovision battles begin!

Eurovision battles begin!

As you may know from last night’s post we have decided to pit all the Eurovision entries against each other this year in our Twitter battles. Yesterday saw Spain’s Ruth Lorenzo take on France’s Twin Twin and the results are in.

The winner of the first battle is:

Review: Belarus- TEO ‘Cheesecake’

TEO doesn't wanna be your sweet cheesecake!

TEO doesn’t wanna be your sweet cheesecake!

Let’s face it, music and desserts have a long history. Just look at Shanks and Bigfoot’s- ‘Sweet Like Chocolate’, Jack Johnson’s- ‘Banana Pancakes’,