Bulgaria Withdraw from Eurovision 2019!

Poli Genovi Eurovision Bulgaria 2017‘We are sad to announce that Bulgaria withdraws from #Eurovision. The decision is based on financial reasons because the costs of the project far exceed the financial capacity of BNT according to the Management of the broadcaster’, reads a statement from the Bulgarian national broadcaster BNT earlier in the week. Continue reading


Bulgaria Continue with Internal Selection for Eurovision 2018

kristian Eurovision NI Eurovision 2018Bulgarian national broadcaster BNT took to twitter today to confirm that they will internally select their Eurovision 2018 candidate. Internal selection has been the preferred option for Bulgaria since they returned to Eurovision in 2016 after a two year hiatus due to financial difficulties. Continue reading

Eurovision 2016 Guide: Bulgaria

Eurovision Bulgaria 2016

Without meaning to cause offence, Bulgaria are one of the biggest losers at Eurovision. The country has competed a total of nine times since their debut in 2005, however they have only managed to qualify for the final of Eurovision once. The time they did qualify they came in fifth with song ‘Water’ by¬†Elitsa & Stoyan. The duo also returned to Eurovision in 2013 (the last time Bulgaria competed) with ‘Samo¬†shampioni’ which came twelfth in the semi final.

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