Alexander Rybak Returns to Eurovision for Norway in 2018!

Tonight saw ten acts compete to be named the Eurovision representative for Norway at the contest in 2018. Among the competitors in the final of the Melodi Grand Prix included two former Norwegian representative Aleksander Walmann and (2009 Eurovision winner) Alexander Rybak, as well as the ‘You Look So Much Better When You’re Naked’ singer Ida Maria. Continue reading


Poll Results: Norway’s MGP 2018!

Eurovision 2015 NorwayTomorrow night will see Norway select their Eurovision act and song for 2018, when the final of Melodi Grand Prix 2018 takes place. Ahead of the big announcement we had asked you to vote for your favourite acts in our poll. This has now closed and we can reveal the results. Continue reading

Poll Results: Poland Krajowe Eliminacje 2018!

Poland will host the final of its Eurovision 2018 selection show Krajowe Eliminacje on 3 March. You have been voting for your favourite of the ten contenders in our poll. It’s time to find out who won the vote!

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Ranking: Sweden’s Melfest Qualifiers!

Eight acts have qualified directly for the Melfest final and a further eight will compete in the Second Chance show next weekend. Before then we rank and rate the sixteen remaining contenders. Have a look and see where your favourite has placed! Continue reading

Ranking: San Marino’s 1in360 Finalists!

The San Marino selection process for Eurovision 2018, 1 in 360 will conclude with the final on 27 February. Before the big decision we rate and rank the final 11! Continue reading

Ranking: Ukraine’s Vibdir Finalists!

Ukraine Eurovision 2016 JamalaThe final six acts competing in the Ukrainian national selection show will take to the stage again tomorrow night for the final of Vibdir 2018. Before the final airs we rate and rank the final six! Continue reading

Ranking: Poland’s Krajowe Eliminacje 2018 Contenders!

Michal Szpak Poland Eurovision 2016

Poland will host the final of its Eurovision 2018 selection show Krajowe Eliminacje on 3 March. They finally unveiled the line up for the contest earlier this week. We have had a quick listen to all the ten songs and have ranked and rated them below. Find out who was our favourite and be sure to let us know if you agree by leaving a comment and voting in our poll!

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Ranking: Germany’s Songs for 2018!

Eurovision Germany 2016

German broadcaster NDR will host their Eurovision final this evening. Yesterday they finally unveiled the songs! The nation have six acts and before that big decision we listen to and rank and rate the six contenders. Find out which was our favourite below. Continue reading

Ranking: Slovenia’s EMA 2018 Songs!

Manuella Slovenia Red and Blue Eurovision NI 2016The Slovenian Eurovision selection process EMA 2018 will take place next week, but before that we take a look at the sixteen contenders and rate and rank them in order of our favourites! Read on to find out which ones we liked and which ones we hated! Continue reading

Ranking: Italy’s Sanremo 2018 Songs!

This week sees Italy’s Sanremo 2018 series of concerts take place. Part of this festival is the Big Artists Contest where twenty acts battle it out to win the crown and first refusal to represent Italy at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. Ahead of the final result on Saturday we have listened to the competing songs and rated and ranked them. Read on to see which of the contenders was our favourite and whether or not you agree!

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