Eurovision Quiz

JoinUs_press_1The time has come yet again to put your Eurovision knowledge to the test. We have another Eurovision Quiz for you. This time we are asking you if you can name all the cities that ever hosted the contest of its long illustrious history. Click the link below and let us know how you get on!


Eurovision Host Cities


Eurovision Quiz

cropped-joinus_press_11.jpgThink you know your Loreens from your Linda Martins? Your Danas from your Dana Internationals? Well it’s time to put that knowledge to the test. We’ve created a little quiz for you. Can you select from the list the winners of Eurovision 1990-2013? Be careful though because if you select an incorrect answer it will end the quiz. Let us know how you get on. Click here to take part and the best of luck!


And check back in a few days when we’ll put up another Eurovision quiz for you to take part in.