Eurovision NI’s World Cup 2020: Quarter Finals!

Eurovision World Cup, Eurovision World Cup 2020, Poll

Eight songs remain in the running to be crowned the winner of this year’s Eurovision NI’s World Cup. These eight songs will do battle again in this the quarter finals stage of the Contest. Four of them will advance to the Semi Finals next week. Check out the matches below and vote for your favourites! Polls will close on 26th April when the results will be revealed.

Match 1: Norway v. Malta

Ulrikke- ‘Attention’ (Norway)

Destiny- ‘All of My Love’ (Malta)

Match 2: Ireland v. Iceland

Lesley Roy- ‘Story of My Life’ (Ireland)

Dadi Freyr- ‘Think About Things’ (Iceland)

Match 3: Israel v Italy

Eden Alene- ‘Feker Libi’ (Israel)

Diodato- ‘Fai Rumore’ (Italy)

Match 4: Switzerland v Germany

Ben Dolic- ‘Violent Thing’ (Germany)

Gjon’s Tears- ‘Repondez Moi’ (Switzerland)


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