Eurovision NI’s World Cup 2020: Group D

Eurovision World Cup, Eurovision World Cup 2020, Poll

It’s time to vote in the fourth group of the Eurovision NI’s World Cup 2020! The countries participating in this group are: Denmark, Portugal, Greece, San Marino, Lithuania and Slovenia. Listen to all the songs below and vote for your favourite in the poll. Only two songs can advance to the next stage.

Group D- Poll opens 26th March, closes 30th March

Ben and Tan- ‘Yes’ (Denmark)

Elisa- ‘Medo de sentir’ (Portugal)

Stefania- ‘Superg!rl’ (Greece)

Senhit- ‘Freaky’ (San Marino)

The Roop- ‘On Fire’ (Lithuania)

Ana Soklic- ‘Voda’ (Slovenia)

Let us know what you think...

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