Belarus’ Selection Show to Return in 2020!

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This week has been a stellar week for Eurovision selection news and the reports keep coming in, this time it’s the turn of Belarus. The nation return to a selection show in 2020. The live audition stage of the show will take place on Monday 27 January and will see the 49 shortlisted artists perform for a jury who will then select up to twelve acts to compete in the Grand Final which will take place on 6 March. The overall winner will be decided by a combination of jury and televote.

A rule change for 2020 means that only Belorussian nationals can enter the contest. This rule change saw 30+ of the entries for 2020 disqualified and what remains is a list of 49 songs. Among the line up are some familiar faces including ALEN HIT, AURA, PROvokatsiya and NAPOLI who have all competed in previous iterations of the national final. The full list is below:

Belarus National Final Acts 2020

2morrow2late- ‘Paradise’
Absolem Cloud- ‘It’s OK’
Aleksey Shkrabo- ‘Don’t Fear’
ALEN HIT- ‘#1 Problem’
Alena Grand & Pasha Pashkevich- ‘Can You Feel’
Alyona Gorbachyova- ‘Moments of Love’
Anastasiya Glamozda- ‘Burning Again’
Anastasiya Malashkevich- ‘Invisible’
Anastasiya Razvadovskaya- ‘Hello’
Angelika Pushnova- ‘True Love’
Anna Fuks- ‘Fly Higher’
Apollinariya Kovalenko- ‘I Will Not Bow’
ARSI- ‘Song of Peace’
Artem Mikhalenko- ‘MOVE’
Augusta- ‘My Light’
AURA- ‘Барані сваё’
Darya Khmelnitskaya- ‘On Fire’
ELEN- ‘Broken’
Elline Day- ‘Alien’
Gabriel Kupatadze- ‘Silver’
Group Batareyki Ltd- ‘You For Me’
Group CHAKRAS- ‘La-Ley-La’
Ivan Zdonyuk- ‘Shake It Up’
Janet- ‘Flying’
Jenifer- ‘Making Our Universe’
Julija Glebova & Chas Speak- ‘Пайдзем са мной’
July- ‘Every Hour’
Katrin Leoni- ‘Ближе’
Katya & Volga- ‘Ной’
Katya Denis- ‘Твой новы дзень’
KeySi- ‘Chili Pepper’
Maria Demenkova- ‘Shake’
NAPOLI- ‘Dоn’t Let Me Down’
Natali Domini- ‘I Believe’
NEZABUDKI- ‘Paradise’
Nika De & Breesku- ‘Chains’
Parade of Planets- ‘Pour lui’
PAULINN- ‘Разгадай’
PAVLONI- ‘Stones of My Soul’
Polina Krasnovskaya- ‘Импульс тока’
PROvokatsiya- ‘Suddenly’
Sasha Zakharik- ‘Rocky Road’
Serge Berkov- ‘I Fell in Love With the Devil’
Tani Faredo- ‘Travel Lifestyle’
VAL- ‘Да вiдна’
Veronika Tsubikova- ‘True to Myself’
Vitaliy Vasilievich- ‘Одним Солнцем’
Vitaly Voronko- ‘Listen to Your Heart’
Yan Yaroche- ‘Fire’

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