Poland To Select Eurovision Act Through Szansa na Sukces!

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Szansa na Sukces is a popular Polish TV show that originally ran from 1992 to 2012. The show returned to Polish screens in 2019 and served as a means for Poland to choose their Junior Eurovision act. The show proved hugely popular and the winner Viki Gabor went on to win Junior Eurovision 2019. You can understand why then that Polish broadcaster TVP has decided to use the format for the main Eurovision selection in 2020.

The show will run over four weeks beginning with an ABBA themed week on 2 February. We will then get a ‘Eurovision Hits’ week on 9 February and a ‘Beatles Hits’ week on 16 February. The Grand Final will then be held on 24 February and it will feature the three winners from the first three episodes. All three finalists will perform two songs- one cover and their song for Eurovision. The winner of this episode will sing for Poland at Eurovision 2020.

The winner of each semi final will be decided by a three person jury made up of former Polish Eurovision Stars CLEO, Michal Szpak and Gromee. The winner of the final will be decided by a mix of jury and televote.

21 contestants have been confirmed as participating in the selection show and among them is Albert Cerny, the lead singer from Lake Malawi- the band who represented the Czech Republic in Eurovision 2019.

Szansa na Sukces 2020 Contestants

Patryk Skoczyński
Emilia Sanecka
Sisters Szlachta
Kasia Dereń
Amelia Andryszczyk
Sargis Davtyan
Maja Hyży
Basia Gąsienica Giewont
Adrian Makar
Aleksandra Nykiel
Alicja Szemplińska
Paulina Czapla
Nick Sinckler
Patricia Kazadi
Marek Kaliszuk
Albert Černy
Weronika Curyło
Norbert Legieć
Bartosz Kurkiewicz

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