Nine Shortlisted for Latvia’s Supernova 2020 Final!

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Latvia’s Supernova will select its winner on 8 February. 26 songs had been selected to audition for the LTV panel earlier this week. This list has been shortened to just nine who will compete in the live final.

Some big names on the long list didn’t make the cut. Surprisingly some of the hotly tipped favourites will not progress. This includes Supernova past participants MADARA, and Markus Riva. The line up however does include the likes of Samanta Tina, Miks Dukurs and Edgars Kreilis. The full list of competing songs are listed below:

Supernova 2020 Finalists

ANNNA- ‘Polyester’


Bad Habits- ‘Sail with You’


Edgars Kreilis- ‘Tridymite’


Katrīna Bindere- ‘I Will Break Your Heart’

Katrīna Dimanta- ‘Heart Beats’


Miks Dukurs- ‘I’m Falling for You’


Samanta Tīna- ‘Still Breathing’

Seleste- ‘Like Me’

Songs that didn’t make the shortlist:

  • Shanti- ‘Voices in My Mind’
  • Signe & Jānis- ‘Inner Light’
  • Toms Kalderauskis- ‘Be My Truth’
  • Rūta Ķergalve- ‘Izgaismots’
  • Laika Upe- ‘All My Roads’
  • Elizabete Gaile- ‘For You’
  • Antra Stafecka & Atis Ieviņš- ‘Coming Over’
  • Audiokvartāls- ‘Connection’
  • Aivo Oskis- ‘Dive Deep’
  • Alekss Silvērs- ‘Again’
  • Alise Haijima- ‘Me Me Song’
  • Annemarija Moiseja- ‘Undo’
  • Līva- ‘Not That Important to You’
  • MADARA- ‘Māras zeme’
  • Maia- ‘Make It Real’
  • Markus Riva- ‘Impossible’
  • Sabīne Blūma Blūmane- ‘Beauty Will Save the World’

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