Eurovision NI’s Song of 2019: 40-31!

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For the past few weeks we have been asking for your input to help us select our favourite songs from Eurovision stars that were released in 2019. We have compiled a Top 40 and now it’s time for us to share this with you. Here are the songs numbers 40-31.

40. Guy Sebastian- ‘Choir’ (Australia)

39. Conchita- ‘To the Beat’ (Austria)

38. Claudia Faniello- ‘Roll the Dice’ (Malta)

37. Nicki French- ‘Raise Your Voice’ (United Kingdom) 

36. Sergey Lazarev- ‘Ya Ne Boyus’ (Russia)

35. Lake Malawi- ‘Stuck in the ’80s’ (Czech Republic)

34. Melovin- ‘Expectations’ (Ukraine)

33. Saara Aalto- ‘Dance Like Nobody’s Watching’ (Finland)

32. Luca Hanni- ‘Bella Bella’ (Switzerland)

31. Douwe Bob- ‘Summer in Your Eyes’ (The Netherlands)

The countdown continues tomorrow with songs 30-21.

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