Eurovision NI’s Song of 2019: Group Seven!

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The penultimate group of Eurovision NI’s Song of 2019 takes place this week. This week’s picks include tracks from Eurovision faves Eleni Foureira, Mikolas Josef, Krista Siegfrids, Greta Salome, Vaidas Baumila, Marco Mengoni and this year’s Eurovision winner Duncan Laurence. Check out all sixteen songs below and vote for your five favourites in the poll. The vote will close at midnight on Saturday and results revealed on Sunday.

Nathan Trent- ‘Over You’ (Austria)

Eleni Foureira- ‘Triumph’ (Cyprus)

Mikolas Josef- ‘Abu Dhabi’ (Czech Rep)

Rasmussen- ‘Go Beyond’ (Denmark)

Victor Crone- ‘Take Me Away’ (Estonia)

Krista Siegfrids- ‘Let It Burn’ (Finland)

Madame Monsieur- ‘Comme Si J’avais Mille Ans’ (France)

Greta Salome- ‘Mess It Up’ (Iceland)

Marco Mengoni- ‘Duemila Volte’ (Italy)

Vaidas Baumila- ‘Milijonai’ (Lithuania)

Zalagaspar- ‘Come to Me’ (Slovenia)

Lake Malawi- ‘Stuck in the ’80s’ (Czech Republic)

Loreen- ‘Walk With Me’ (Sweden)

Melyz- ‘Don’t Tell’ (Switzerland)

Duncan Laurence- ‘Love Don’t Hate It’ (The Netherlands)

Mans Zelmerlow- ‘Walk With Me’ (Sweden)

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