Eurovision NI’s Song of 2019 Group Three: the Results!

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This week saw the third group in our annual competition to find the top 40 songs from former Eurovision stars in 2019. This set of 16 contenders were posted on Monday and you have been voting for your favourites. It’s now time to reveal the results and announce which five songs have made it through to the final 40.

Topping the poll with 18% of the overall vote is Sweden’s Benjamin Ingrosso with his song ‘Happy Thoughts’. Laura Tesoro’s ‘Limits’ was second with 14% of the vote. While Laura Poldvere’s ‘Don’t Shut Me Out’ (13%), Kristian Kostov’s ‘Live It Up’ (10%) and Nicki French’s ‘Raise Your Voice’ (8%) round out the top five and will all advance to the Top 40. The full results are below.


Eurovision NI Song of 2019 Group Three: Results

1. Benjamin Ingrosso- ‘Happy Thoughts’ (Sweden) 17.86%

2. Laura Tesoro- ‘Limits’ (Belgium) 13.78%

3. Laura Poldvere- ‘Don’t Shut Me Out’ (Estonia) 12.78%

4. Kristian Kostov- ‘Live It Up’ (Bulgaria) 10.20%

5. Nicki French- ‘Raise Your Voice’ (United Kingdom) 8.16%

=6. Kurt Calleja- ‘Sweet Chilli’ (Malta) 6.63%

=6. KEiiNO- ‘Dancing in the Smoke’ (Norway) 6.63%

=8. Michael Schulte- ‘Back to the Start’ (Germany) 4.59%

=8. John Lundvik- ‘One Night in Bangkok’ (Sweden) 4.59%

10. Sennek- ‘Endlessly’ (Belgium) 4.08%

11. Ilse DeLange- ‘Went for a While’ (The Netherlands) 3.57%

12. Celine Dion- ‘Flying on My Own’ (Switzerland) 2.55%

13. Emma Marrone- ‘Fortuna’ (Italy) 2.04%

=14. Isaiah- ‘Spirit’ (Australia) 1.02%

=14. Kallay Saunders- ‘Lonely Days’ (Hungary) 1.02%

16. Bilal Hassani/Madame Monsieur- ‘Les Gens Hereux’ (France) 0.51%

The contest continues tomorrow with another batch of hits for you to vote for.

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