Eurovision NI’s Song of 2019 Group Two: the Results!

Song of 2019, Song of the Year

This week saw the second group in our annual competition to find the top 40 songs from former Eurovision stars in 2019. This set of 16 contenders were posted on Monday and you have been voting for your favourites. It’s now time to reveal the results and announce which five songs have made it through to the final 40.

Topping the poll with 22% of the overall vote is Benjamin Ingrosso with his song ‘Costa Rica’. Netta’s ‘Nana Banana’ was second with 13% of the vote. While Kate Ryan’s ‘Wild Eyes’ (11.54%), Claudia Faniello’s ‘Roll the Dice’ (9.62%) and Guy Sebastian’s ‘Choir’ (9.13%) round out the top five and will all advance to the Top 40. The full results are below.

Eurovision NI Song of 2019 Group Two: Results

1. Benjamin Ingrosso- ‘Costa Rica’ (Sweden) 22.12%

2. Netta- ‘Nana Banana’ (Israel) 12.5%

3. Kate Ryan- ‘Wild Eyes’ (Belgium) 11.54%

4. Claudia Faniello- ‘Roll the Dice’ (Malta) 9.62%

5. Guy Sebastian- ‘Choir’ (Australia) 9.13%

6. Elhaida Dani- ‘Clean Up Your Mess’ (Albania) 8.65%

7. Hatari- ‘Klefi/Samed’ (Iceland) 7.69%

8. Monika Linkyte- ‘Perfect Times’ (Lithuania) 5.29%

9. Conchita- ‘Trash All the Glam’ (Austria) 2.88%

10. Elnur- ‘Try to Be Yourself’ (Azerbaijan) 2.88%

11. Francesco Gabbani- ‘E Unaltra Cosa’ (Italy) 2.4%

12. Cascada- ‘Like the Way I Do’ (Germany) 1.44%

13. Doredos- ‘Otputsi’ (Moldova) 1.44%

14. Jedward- ‘Soul Crushing’ (Ireland) 0.96%

15. Ester Peony- ‘Derniere Danse’ (Romania) 0.96%

16. Waylon- ‘I Should Be Loving You’ (The Netherlands) 0.48%


The contest continues tomorrow with another batch of hits for you to vote for.

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